Cell Phone Repair

At Smart Electronics, we understand the frustration of a broken smartphone.

Whether you wield an iPhone or Android, it is still painful. SmartElectronics Phone Repair is here to help; whether you are visiting one of our retail locations or choose to mail in your device, SmartElectronics will quickly and conveniently repair smartphones, tablets and mp3 players to working condition. Whether you are in need of iPhone repair, iPad repair or iPod repair, SmartElectronics Phone Repair has the service and quality you need to ensure your devices are working properly.

Our Services

  • Screen Damage (e.g. display cracked or scratched, touchscreen unresponsive, LCD has broken pixels)
  • Battery broken (e.g. battery doesn’t hold charge or doesn’t charge all the way)
  • Water Damage
  • Bluetooth or WIFI does not work anymore
  • Software error
  • Defects ports (headphone jack, USB port)
  • Broken speaker or microphone
  • Vibration does not work anymore

If you are not exactly sure what is wrong with your iPhone/Smartphone, we suggest you consider a repair diagnostics service. The repair shop would asses the damage and you can later decided whether you want to perform the suggested tasks.